Our Work

Our Work

The development of our wines requires a rigorous, precise and careful maintenance throughout the years, the vineyard and the cellar.

For the conduct of the vineyard we follow a bio approach.

At the vineyard, we strive to respect the "terroir", the environment and biodiversity throughout the year. Our HVE (High Environmental Value) certification recognizes this work.

Each wine has a characteristic that must be respected for having themost beautiful expression of "terroir".

The area has many small plots on several communities; we have the advantage of the land to make the finest wines.
The diversity of soils is very popular during the assembly that brings a lot of complexity to our different vintages.

We're here to help you discover the wines in our range. Produced with passion, you'll find these wines with the same signature, concentrated, with the type and character of the grape and territory.

Always concerned about the quality of our wines, questioning is ourpermanent aim to serve you better.

Work at the vine

In winter :

  • Maintenance of the vineyard and the trellising
  • Size
  • Amendment following the analysis of soil

Spring / Summer :

  • Budding neat
  • Trellising and lifting
  • Removal of hearts between clusters
  • Equalises executed in several passages to choosethe best clusters
  • Vegetation control by some Cropping
  • Protection of the vineyard
  • Work maintenance of soil

After all this long way to have beautiful grapes reach the harvest.

Harvest and Wine

The harvest normally begins in mid September.
We carry many samples of grapes and make tasting berries from theend of August in order to know the evolution of the maturity andharvest at optimal maturity and with the desired balance.
We wine in vats small volumes to separate the different territory.

The white Wine :

  • Picking off-100%
  • Skin maceration
  • Pressing
  • Racking
  • Fermentation alcoholic

We begin the fermentation relatively low temperature, then it slowlyback naturally during fermentation.
Fermentation lasts between 25 and 30 days.

According to the soils, the wine is made in vats or barrels.

Wine making of Red :

  • Picking off-100 %
  • Vatting
  • Cooling at 10 ° C
  • Pre-fermentation maceration of 4 / 5 days
  • Alcoholic fermentation with temperature control
  • Post-fermentation maceration hot with a very precise monitoring of the tasting
  • Racking

The tasting will allow us to refine the date deviating.
The fermentation takes between 25 and 32 days.


We are aware in October with the alcoholic fermentation finished, nowbegins the process of maturing of the wines.

The farming is done in wood for 8 to 15 months depending on the vintage.

We use different containers volume : lightning, half muids (600L), barrels (228L), again depending on the region and vintage.
In barrels, livestock is on lees with regular rods.

Assembly and bottling

At the end of farming, a few weeks before bottling, we do a tasting in order to achieve the assembly of the vintage.
Then comes the bottling we make the field through our own bottling.

These are the many steps required to establish a vintage quality, sizefor which we are already thinking of the harvest to the bottling ...
Every year we must adapt to the weather, every year calls for a different job and a perpetual challenge.

The years go by but did not like, that is where all the passion of thewinemaker ...

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